02, Jun, 2020

Remodel Projects You Can Do Yourself

Written by: Quick Home Tips

Whether you are getting ready to sell your home, or you’re in the first few years of ownership, there is no reason not to spruce things up a bit. Focusing on your kitchen, your bathroom and your walls have huge benefits for the value of your home. Remodeling is a big job, but if you break these tasks down into chunks you’ll find that these projects will be finished before you know it.


Tiling sounds like a difficult prospect, but it depends on what you want to do. Re-tiling the entry way of your home is a fairly simple task. You need a hammer to break up the tiles, and you’ll need to grout the area and lay the new tiles down. It can also get fairly messy, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Stick with the job and give the flooring a good pressure washing when you’re finished. It will look amazing.

 photo tiling_zpsrbnpz3bx.jpeg


If you plan to stay in the home for a few years, paint the walls colors that you want. Keep a theme in mind that meshes with your furniture, and try to match all the elements of your home to complete the look. That means using rugs and other accents if you don’t have carpets.

Refacing Projects

Putting new doors onto your old cabinets is a cost-effective way to completely change the look of your kitchen. You can buy new cabinet doors, as long as you have measured them properly, from your local home improvement store. You can also use new door knobs, which make old cabinet faces look completely different.