03, Jun, 2020

Tips on Buying Artificial Grass for Your Deck

Are you thinking about installing fake grass on your deck? Synthetic turf is a beautiful flooring material that can be used to enhance decks and patios. However, not all fake grass looks great on decks. Some are better suited for indoor projects while other models are designed for lawns. To find the right turf for your deck, follow these helpful tips:

Look for outdoor-ready synthetic turf. Durability is an important factor when shopping for synthetic turf for your deck. It’s important to find turf that has been designed for the great outdoors. This means it must UV-resistant, so that it won’t deteriorate or fade in the sun. Outdoor-ready turf should also be durable enough to withstand rain, wind, and heat.

Say yes to one color. There are many styles of fake grass, including beautiful three- and four-toned models that look beautiful in the front or back yard. However, these models are best suited for lawns and landscaping. When it comes to flooring for your deck, you don’t necessarily want the flooring to look like grass. Instead, go for a single hue such as emerald or olive green.

Go for the soft stuff. The deck should be a comfortable place where friends and family can gather, chat, and relax. To create a comfortable carpet underfoot, purchase high-quality synthetic turf that is soft to the touch. Unlike low-quality synthetic lawn products, the good stuff shouldn’t feel like plastic.