01, Apr, 2020

Why Mediation is Favored in Construction Conflicts

Summary: Mediation is a valuable tool that many construction sites are opting for when claims arise mainly because of its quick resolution time.

Handling construction conflicts in a timely manner should always be one’s top priority, because failure to do so could delay the progress of the project and potentially hurt business relationships that have been developed along the way. Settling the manner outside of court can be advantageous and done by way of mediation. This guide will discuss the benefits of mediating or litigation.

Mutually Beneficial Resolutions

One of the numerous benefits of settling disputes through mediation is how quickly they can work to help resolve problems. Much like a construction claims consultant, these neutral parties are ready to listen to what you have to say and come up with a solution that will benefit both parties.

The mediators can jump in and help as soon as the parties involved agree to meet. Mediation can take up to a few days to get through, which means all of the parties involved can quickly get back to working on the project, conflict-free.

On the other hand, choosing to settle the conflict via litigation or arbitration can take a number of years to both schedule and handle. At this point, thousands of dollars could be lost, and relationships can be severed to the point where other issues come into play.


Another benefit to choosing mediation for your construction projects is that confidentiality is emphasized. If both parties agree to keep their information disclosed from the public, mediators will release any information regarding the nature of the conflict to the public. In a court of law, however, details will likely become publicly available. To avoid the disclosure of private and sensitive information, mediation is a great alternative that is both quick and beneficial for both sides.

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