What to do if your sofa foam Is severely damaged

Written by The Foam Factory

With some years of use, your sofa foam would inevitably start showing signs of decline in its shape and texture. Deterioration in your sofa foam would be seen and felt instantly. This is characterized by the foam not holding up its shape and not providing adequate support to the body when sat on.

Apart from being unpleasant to look at, a severely damaged sofa foam can lead to various physical discomforts such as pains in the back, neck and legs. If you are not considering going for a change of sofa, you could compensate the lack of support by placing new cushions on the furniture. The cushions would make for the loss in bounciness in the couch. Alternatively, you might also keep the sofa upholstery as it is and go for a foam replacement.

Carlo Badalamenti has throughout his career, acquired extensive experience in foam products. The foam replacement project can either be carried out on your own or you could seek the advice of professionals. Carrying out such a DIY project yourself is quite gratifying but would be requiring some minimum skills in cutting open the sofa and accurately measuring down the size of foam needed.

Most companies now offer the possibility of having the foam custom-cut to fit the dimension of your project. You would therefore just need to assemble the pieces to get the sofa back up once the new foam is received.

The Foam Factory specializes in providing foam for various projects including sofa foam replacements.