03, Jun, 2020

Why Making Your House “Smart” Should Be Your Next Upgrade

Summary: Upgrading devices in your house to make them smart should be the next renovation you make.


Today, a lot of people own smartphones. These phones allow people to do more than just make and receive calls, opening up many possibilities for what people can access and accomplish while on-the-go. However, what constitutes a “smart home” is a little more vague and open to debate. In general, a device can be considered “smart” if it handles operations that would otherwise be performed manually by humans.


Smart home products can either be installed while the house is being constructed or integrated into the living space at a later time. There are numerous reasons why purchasing smart home products may be well worth the investment.


Information Anywhere


Smart speakers have gained popularity, earning spots throughout people’s houses. What is so useful about these speakers is that they are connected to the internet and can respond to voice commands. Using artificial intelligence, these devices can answer questions, look information up facts online, remind you about upcoming appointments on your calendar, and even play music.


Being able to do so much with just your voice prevents you from needing to pick up your phone or press a single button to access the information you need. This can be especially helpful if you need the information quickly or if you are in a situation where your hands are occupied, such as when you are busy cooking. Additionally, these speakers can be connected to other smart products, such as smart lightbulbs, allowing you to turn the lights in another room off with a simple voice command.


Boosted Security


There is a good chance you already have a security system set up in your house. A standard system can detect movement and alert authorities when intruders break into your home when you are gone, but modern security solutions can complement these traditional ones very well. Cameras with live feeds and door locks you can access directly from your laptop or cellphone, wherever you have internet access, make it harder to break into your house. When an unexpected guest steps foot in your house you can also get alerts sent straight to you so you are never left out-of-the-loop.


Big Savings


One of the biggest reasons why upgrading to smart house devices could be in your best interest is the money you can save. Traditional thermostats require you to manually set temperatures and walk up to them if you wish to change the mode. Smart thermostats can add a degree of convenience to your life, because these tools can be controlled via internet-connected devices and some can even automate the cooling and heating. Such precise tuning can ultimately lower your monthly electricity and gas bills.


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