Three DIY outdoor upgrade tips

Three DIY outdoor upgrade tips

You’ve already spent enough money (and time) renovating your home. Avoid one of the most common mistakes and pay some attention to your yard. Not all yard upgrades need to add to your budget. Here are three quick fixes from Wicker Paradise that you can implement without breaking your budget:


There is no need to hire a landscaper. All you need is a few hours to spare. This is one of the few arts you can start right away and “learn on the job.” Besides, most homeowners outsource landscaping, so taking care of your yard is admirable. Uproot weeds and trim off those unsightly shrubs. (They harbor bugs too). Large vegetation blocks sunlight so consider moving or removing them and brighten up the area.

Add plants

Visit your local plant store and go for plants with brightly colored leaves (or petals). You could even wake your creative side and experiment with DIY planters. Check out the thousands of tutorials on YouTube, on how to buy, place, and look after plants. Just a few colorful planters can make a difference.


Chances are, you’re already spending a generous portion of your day in the patio. It should be welcoming and relaxing. Visit your favorite outdoor showroom and get Gloster Teak Replacement Cushions and add some luster to your outdoor space.

All it takes are a few small changes to make a big difference in your yard. If you have the time to spare, a DIY project like this can be extremely satisfying.