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What to Look For in Wooden Commercial Doors

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Written by ETO Doors.impactrma2_large2-w800-h600

Purchasing the right doors for your commercial property is an important decision for aesthetic and safety reasons. You want to make sure that you buy doors that are easy to install and will complement the overall look of your commercial building. At the same time, you also need to consider safety concerns including the doors’ ability to provide protection in case of a fire.

While fiberglass and steel doors are potential solutions for commercial properties, wooden doors can also be a smart choice. They offer a unique and natural look that is different than what can be found with metal doors. Most of these doors are fire-rated to give your building’s occupants protection from flames in case of a fire.

Fire-rated doors are measured in how many minutes they can withstand fire under test conditions. The door that is right for you will depend on where the door is placed and the types of spaces that the door is between. For example, you might need a 180-minute rated door if the door separates two buildings, but only require a 20-minute rated fire door in areas where the primary concern is smoke and draft rather than direct heat from a fire.

You’ll also want to make sure that you research the level of soundproofing that your wooden commercial door provides. Depending on the construction of the inner core of the door, a wooden door can help to keep noises from entering or exiting certain rooms. This can be useful for conference rooms, audio/video studios and other areas where maintaining a quiet atmosphere is vital.

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Secure your Front Door

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Secure-your-Front-DoorThe security of your family and your possessions are one of the most important things that you should always keep an eye on. From a burglar’s perspective, your front door could be an easy target. Here are some ways that you can beef up the security of your door.

Your door needs a solid lock that will keep it intact in the case of brute force. A good deadbolt lock will help keep intruders from kicking down your door. Make sure that your lock fully extends into the opening of the door-jamb. This should be reinforced with a metal strike plate which you can find at your local hardware store.

A peephole is important for you to know who is outside of your home. A wide-angle peephole makes it easier for you to survey your entire front entrance.

While maintaining a reinforced front door is important, don’t forget about your back door as well. If a burglar can’t seem to find a way through the front, they might take advantage of the back door’s neglect. Consider installing locks and a reinforced door for maximum security.

A good way to scare off intruders is to shine some light on them. If your front porch has motion-detecting lights installed, they’ll be in plain sight when they’re fiddling with your locks and will likely leave.

If you feel that your door just won’t be secure enough after looking into the many lock options, then you can just replace the entire door itself. There are many safe options that you can buy that are designed to be sturdy. A good way to check for durability is to knock on your door. If you don’t hear a hollow noise, then you have a solid core door.

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Should You Choose A French Door?

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French DoorIf you are looking for a combination of windows and doors that will fill a room with sunlight without sacrificing style, consider looking into French Doors.

What are French Doors?

French doors are doors composed of glass panels. With different size variations, they can fill the gap wherever you need them to. Known for being able to function as both an interior and exterior door, they can link different rooms together. Many homeowners commonly choose to use their French doors for their patios or balconies.

Benefits of French Doors

Not only do French doors add an extra bit of style to your home, but they also have their advantages. They can bring a visual bridge between the indoors of your house and out. By letting constant sunlight in, your room maintains a solid retention of heat.

You can create a certain flow to your house by adjoining rooms and creating wide openings with these doors. You can also use them if you want to close off rooms because of noise reduction.

Purchasing French Doors

When you are purchasing French doors, expect to spend more than your standard exterior sliding door. They can be more affordable than a luxurious architectural door, depending on the specific one that you choose.

Prices vary based on the sizing and style. You can find a variety of French doors through architectural window manufacturers. They tend to offer the widest array of doors due to French doors primary base being glass.

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What to do if your sofa foam Is severely damaged

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Written by The Foam Factory

With some years of use, your sofa foam would inevitably start showing signs of decline in its shape and texture. Deterioration in your sofa foam would be seen and felt instantly. This is characterized by the foam not holding up its shape and not providing adequate support to the body when sat on.

Apart from being unpleasant to look at, a severely damaged sofa foam can lead to various physical discomforts such as pains in the back, neck and legs. If you are not considering going for a change of sofa, you could compensate the lack of support by placing new cushions on the furniture. The cushions would make for the loss in bounciness in the couch. Alternatively, you might also keep the sofa upholstery as it is and go for a foam replacement.

Carlo Badalamenti has throughout his career, acquired extensive experience in foam products. The foam replacement project can either be carried out on your own or you could seek the advice of professionals. Carrying out such a DIY project yourself is quite gratifying but would be requiring some minimum skills in cutting open the sofa and accurately measuring down the size of foam needed.

Most companies now offer the possibility of having the foam custom-cut to fit the dimension of your project. You would therefore just need to assemble the pieces to get the sofa back up once the new foam is received.

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Tips for Keeping a Warm Home This Winter

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Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

It’s that time of year! Where tree leaves darken to golden amber and the wind cools to a blustery current that stings the ends of noses. Winter is right around the corner and the cold air will soon seep through the doorways of homes. A warm and cozy house is a desirable sanctuary during the bitter cold, and maintaining this cozy environment can be costly if you’re not prepared.

Furniture Upholstery

One way to ward off the winter chill is to upholster your furniture with high density foam sheets and to line your mattress with a mattress topper. Toppers will insulate your body heat far more efficiently than what you encounter with spring mattresses.

So, why are foam toppers such effective tools to heat the bedroom? Memory foam has insulating properties that hold heat more efficiently than innersprings. It all has to do with the nature of the visco-elastic material from which the memory foam is made.

While lining your furniture and mattress with memory foam may be a poor choice in perpetually warm environments, it can be a great source of heat conservation in the winter and cooler climates. You can even order the foam from Canada to save money on the materials. Coupled with reduced heating bills, you’ll be pocketing hundreds extra during your first year of renovation.

Doors and Windows

Draft stoppers are another inexpensive and simple option to keep our abodes cozy and warm in the chilly months. A draft stopper is a thin sheet of foam applied to areas like windows and doors. Some people use stuffed socks or rolled up towels to do this, but foam allows you to seal these drafty spots with a thin piece of barely-noticeable foam. This makes your space feel more modern and attractive, and it keeps you toasty.

The idea behind draft stoppers is to better insulate the home by covering any small gaps that exist around your windows and doors. These stoppers also alleviate financial worries that come from high heating costs in the winter months.

Braving the cold can be enough of a challenge outdoors, so keeping a warm home is crucial to areas that receive heavy snow. A few simple changes to the home can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a warm and desirable home environment. Make sure you can hang up your mittens at the door!

Is flipping a mattress necessary?

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Written by Foam Factory

As per a research carried out by the National Sleep Foundation, an adults requires on average around 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday. This would imply that we spend a third of our lifetime sleeping. We could thus imagine the importance that choosing the right mattress and cushion has on the overall quality of our life and general comfort. Similar to the way people tend to choose the most comfortable chair and furniture for their office, ergonomy is important when it comes to your bed as well. In order to maintain the longevity of your mattress, it is often recommended to flip it often.

The frequency of your mattress rotation would depend on several factors such as your body weight and that of your partner sleeping on the same bed and on the type of foam mattress. This could range between once a month or two times a year. The idea behind flipping your mattress is to ensure that it is worn out evenly and to prevent uncomfortable body impressions from forming. Flipping your mattress, however, could turn out to be a tedious task, especially with heavy mattresses. Moreover, this method would not really prolong the life of your mattress if it is already worn out.

If your mattress is already worn out, a solution to increase your comfort would be to opt for a foam replacement. Mattress foam replacement projects are easy to carry out. You could also go for a change of mattress.

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Should you flip the mattress?

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Written by The Foam Factory

According to the National Sleep Foundation adults require an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per day. Considering that we spend about a third of a lifetime sleeping, choosing the right mattress and cushion plays an important part in ensuring our comfort. Just like people choose the best chairs and furniture for their offices, ergonomy in the bedroom is equally important. Moreover, taking good care of your mattress is also recommended. This is why people often flip their mattresses to avoid uncomfortable body impressions.

Depending on the people, mattresses are flipped once every month or twice a year. The frequency of mattress rotation depends on the type of foam mattress and the weight of the persons sleeping on the mattress. Basically, flipping a mattress ensures that it gets an even wear with time. However, flipping the mattress can sometimes be a tedious task as it involves putting in some force, especially if one undertakes it alone.

With a vast experience in manufacturing and selling foam products since 1980, Carlo Badalamenti has risen to VP of his organization. His company proposes an array of products such as the memory foams, latex or convoluted mattresses. Those mattresses are made to last and are durable enough to not require constant flips.

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Safety Tips for Power Tools

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Before you begin operating a power tool, it’s important that you follow the manufacturer’s intended directions. Playing it safe isn’t just about self-preservation either. Following the manufacturer’s directions will ensure the tool survives for many years to come. Here are some safety tips to help protect you, your garage and your tools.


When you’re about to use a cordless drill, stop and think about what you’re wearing. Baggy clothing can easily get caught in the moving parts of a drill. Take off any loose fitting jewelry, and tie back long hair if you happen to have it. Use shirts that are short-sleeved, and avoid wearing necklaces and other objects that hang. Safety goggles are also useful for those looking to use power tools. They will guard your eyes from loose debris, while a face mask will protect your respiratory system. Material like wood and fiberglass can create lots of dust that you could unintentionally inhale. The last bit of advice is to check your gloves. Loose gloves can also get caught in the drill, so protect your hands with gloves that actually fit.

Work Area

When it comes to work on your project, clear a space on your workbench that gives you plenty of room to move around. If you are working with wood or metal, secure it with a vice grip or a weight to keep the object from moving. You can also use your drill to make what’s called a “pilot hole,” which makes it easier to drill into a project. You also apply less pressure to the drill, which reduces the risk of slippage. You can use a small air compressor to blow away any debris that remains, and a quick sweep of the floor will keep your workspace clean after work is done.


The first thing you need to do when you begin your project is to set the drill bit properly. Place the drill bit carefully into the chuck, and be sure that it is pointing straight up in the air. Failure to do this important step will cause your drill to slip or bore holes you don’t intend on. You should also consider a drill stand to lock the drill into place.

Final Thoughts

Power tools make most of your housework convenient, but you have to be careful before you operate them. Consider investing in some equipment to make your garage and workspace safer.
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Replacing cushions as an alternative to buying new furniture

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Written by Carlo Badalamenti

New cushions, to tell you the truth, might just be the very thing that you need instead of having to buy new furniture. You see, buying new furniture can cost you a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars as well depending on the type of furniture you buy. Now that is a lot of money considering the fact that the furniture you will be buying may not be a necessity. So, how do you go about your furniture then? You should decide depending on the size of your bank balance and your capacity to earn income as well. If you’re earning slightly above minimum wage and you want to buy a piece of furniture that costs about two thousand dollars, don’t you think there’s something wrong in the picture? Clearly, you’re buying something that you can barely afford. Instead, why not take a second look at the furniture that you have and see if all you need to do is just to replace old cushions? Whether you have ripped up upholstery or you have springs sticking out in some places, the point is that you can fix that. Buying brand new is not the solution to everything. As a matter of fact, you might just even be adding to your problems by incurring more debt than you can handle. And that’s something you do not want upon yourself. So go to a department store and ask about replacement cushions, in fact they would also have upholstery readily available for you as well.


The Foam Factoryis definitely a godsend when it comes to shopping for pillows, cushions and everything else in between. Replacement cushions are also quite affordable when you buy them here.

Why Buy A Memory Foam Mattress?

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Article by Carlo Badalamenti

                These past few years, there has been a rise in the popularity of memory foam mattresses among the homes of many people. This is mainly due to the fact that it provides outstanding comfort while also being able to accommodate a wide range of body shapes and sizes of the buyers. It is able to do that because it is made of viscoelastic polyurethane, which instantly molds and follows the form of your body once in contact with body heat. It can then quickly reform back to its original shape once contact to body heat is lost and the foam starts to cool down.

                Now why should you buy a memory foam mattress? Well mainly because of the fact that it can give you the comfort you seek that no other kinds of foam can offer. The mattress will literally form itself to fit your own body structure giving each buyer his or her own personalized experience.

                If you are finding yourself not having enough money to buy a while mattress made of memory foam there are other alternatives you could go for that can still give you the same experience but at a lower cost. One example of this isbuying a natural latex mattress topper made of memory foam. This way your bed will feel like it is made of memory foam without the need of changing your entire mattress altogether. This comes out as a very viably and cheap alternative since it has a low cost and is simple to install.

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